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Private Yacht Rental in Fort Lauderdale

A Luxurious Experience with Nautical Yacht Charters

Create Memories To Last A Lifetime

Welcome aboard Nautical Yacht Charters, the leading name in luxury yacht rentals in Fort Lauderdale. Delve into the majestic experience of yachting and savor the splendors of the Florida coast, whether you wish for a day of aquatic adventure or a serene sunset sojourn.

Set aside your concerns on the shore and enter a realm of serenity and opulence. Regardless of whether you’re a resident, an explorer, or embarking on a work-related journey, we hold the conviction that every individual is entitled to partake in the magnificence of the expansive ocean. Our aim extends beyond merely offering boat rentals; it encompasses creating a tailor-made maritime encounter that is truly exceptional.

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Luxury Experience on the Water

When you choose to charter a yacht through Nautical Yacht Charters, you’re not simply renting a yacht — you’re immersing yourself in a premier journey. Our yachts are held to the highest standards of upkeep and adorned with lavish features, ensuring unparalleled indulgence. Each element — from the yacht’s elegant contours to the array of entertainment choices on board — is meticulously crafted to ensure you cruise with unparalleled elegance.

The Best Private Yacht Rental in Fort Lauderdale

Embark on Your Dream Voyage

Your quest for the quintessential yacht rental experience in Fort Lauderdale culminates at Nautical Yacht Charters. Each voyage with us is not just a trip but an experience, a story, a memory waiting to be made.

Premium Yachts

At Nautical Yacht Charters, we boast an impeccable small fleet of yachts, each meticulously maintained to ensure a seamless, luxurious experience. Every voyage promises a harmonious blend of comfort and adventure.

Our captain and crew is dedicated to curating unforgettable journeys, ensuring that you and your guests are pampered and well taken care of throughout your charter.

Top Notch Amenities

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the vast range of amenities we offer:

  •  Spacious seating areas perfect for relaxation and sightseeing.
  • Modern air-conditioning systems to ensure your comfort, no matter the weather.
  • Advanced Bluetooth-connected entertainment systems for on-board revelry.

Experienced, Friendly Crew

Every trip is overseen by our dedicated and experienced crew. Their priority? Your safety, comfort, and ensuring your yachting experience becomes an indelible memory. With their expert guidance, you can relax and savor every moment of your voyage with complete peace of mind.

Celebrate Special Moments

Our yachts don’t just offer an escape; they provide an exclusive venue. Whether you’re hosting a hushed intimate wedding, a sophisticated corporate event, or a vibrant reception, our yachts can accommodate up to 13 guests, setting the stage for truly memorable occasions.

Why Choose Nautical Yacht Charters?

Celebrate Special Moments on the Water

Our yachts don’t just offer an escape; they provide an exclusive venue. Whether you’re hosting a hushed intimate wedding, a sophisticated corporate event, or a vibrant reception, our yachts can accommodate up to 13 guests, setting the stage for truly memorable occasions.

A Treasure Trove of Activities

When aboard with Nautical Yacht Charters, the azure waters of Fort Lauderdale become your playground. Dive into a plethora of activities:

Sun and Swim: Luxuriate under the sun, take a refreshing dip or snorkel beneath to greet the marine life.

Water Sports: Get your adrenaline pumping with a variety of water sports.

Exploration and History: Intrigued by the allure of Fort Lauderdale? Our crew, well-versed in the local history and attractions, will be delighted to guide you.

Endless Exploration On and Off-Board

While the allure of the yacht and the water might captivate you, don’t forget to explore the iconic and historical landmarks that Fort Lauderdale offers. Our well-informed crew can offer recommendations ensuring you get a wholesome experience of the region.Ready to anchor your dream vacation or event? Dive into luxury, explore with elation, and celebrate with sophistication. Book your yacht rental today. Reach out to us to discover more and reserve your privileged spot on our esteemed yachts. Welcome to a world of luxury and adventure!

Nautical Yacht Charters Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions before you embark on your adventure?

A Bareboat Agreement is a legal document between the owner or broker and the charterer that outlines the key information of your private yacht charter. It will detail the vessel information, date, time, pickup location, terms and conditions, insurance and cancellation.

A Captain and Crew Agreement is a legal document between the charterer, captain and crew member that the charterer chooses. It will outline the terms and conditions of the captain and crew for hire for your bareboat charter. 

Although not mandatory, it is customary to leave a gratuity for the work of the crew and the captain at the end of a charter. Standard gratuity is 15-20% of the charter fee. The captain will make sure gratuity is split with the crew.

In almost all cases, you are allowed to bring your own food and beverages for your yacht charter. We ask that red wine, colored frosting or any kind of food that can stain stay on land. 

Chartering a yacht can make for an excellent family vacation, with activities to entertain both children and adults. In general the crew is not responsible for their safety. We recommend that you bring childcare if you want to truly relax and have a carefree time while ensuring your children are being looked after. Crew can assist in most ways however. If you have toddlers or infants please let the captain or person handling your booking know so proper life jackets can be provided.

Typically pets are not allowed aboard for health and safety reasons, and sea travel can be extremely uncomfortable for animals. If you need to be accompanied by your pet for any reason, we ask that you check with us for the yacht’s pet policy.

In general, smoking is not permitted inside or outside most yachts, and is strictly forbidden in any cabins or staterooms. Flames of any kind are prohibited inside, outside or on the swim platform. Burns from ashes happen very quickly on fiberglass, vinyl canvas or teak.