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Celebrate Your Last Days as a Single Lady
with Nautical Yacht Charters

The Last Hoo-Rah

Your best friend is about to tie the knot, and what better way to celebrate her last hoo-rah than with an extraordinary bachelorette party on the high seas? Welcome to Nautical Yacht Charters, where your dream bachelorette party takes on a whole new dimension of luxury, fun, and indulgence.

As the bride-to-be enters this new chapter of her life, give her a bachelorette party she’ll treasure forever. Imagine her delight as she steps aboard our meticulously designed yacht, ready to embark on an unforgettable nautical journey. With the sun kissing your skin and the sea breeze tousling your hair, you and your girl gang will sail through the crystal waters of Fort Lauderdale, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Sailing into Bachelorette Bliss

Nautical Yacht Charters seamlessly blends sophistication with celebration, making it the ideal venue for your bachelorette festivities. Imagine a day of laughter, toasts, and bonding as you cruise along the coast. With spacious decks, elegant interiors, and an ambiance of opulence, our yachts provide the perfect backdrop for everything from lively dance parties to heartwarming conversations under the stars.

Sophistication Meets Celebration!! Let's Get The Party Started!!

Tailored Glamour on the Waves

Every bachelorette party is unique, and so is every Nautical Yacht Charters experience. Our dedicated team works closely with you to design a bachelorette celebration that aligns with your vision. From decor that reflects the bride’s personality to curated menus that tantalize your taste buds, we ensure every detail is tailored to perfection, so you can focus on making the most of this special time.

An Affair To Remember

Saying goodbye to singlehood deserves an affair to remember, and that’s exactly what a Nautical Yacht Charter promises. Picture champagne toasts against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset, or a morning of pampering and relaxation as you cruise along the tranquil waters. As you anchor at secluded coves, you have the freedom to swim, snorkel, or simply soak in the sun, creating unforgettable moments that you’ll cherish long after the wedding bells have rung.

Beyond The Party: Building Bonds

A bachelorette party on a Nautical Yacht Charter isn’t just about celebrating the bride; it’s about strengthening the bonds between friends. With the sea as your playground and the horizon as your canvas, you’ll have the perfect setting to reminisce, share stories, and create new chapters in your friendships. The laughter, the heartfelt conversations, and the shared adventures all contribute to a deeper connection that will endure long after the party ends.

Crafting Memories On The Waves

Nautical Yacht Charters is more than just a yacht charter company; we’re your partners in creating bachelorette party experiences that stand out. Our fleet of luxury yachts, impeccable service, and attention to detail ensure that your bachelorette bash is an unforgettable event. We’re committed to delivering excellence and exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

Chart Your Course Today

Whether you envision a day of relaxation, a night of dancing, or a weekend of non-stop fun, Nautical Yacht Charters has the perfect yacht to bring your vision to life. Let the celebration begin!!

Sailing Into A New Chapter

As the bride prepares to embark on a new chapter of her life, give her a bachelorette party that mirrors the adventure and joy that lies ahead. The beauty of a bachelorette party with Nautical Yacht Charters is its ability to create connections. Amidst the stunning coastal backdrop, friends new and old have the opportunity to bond, share stories, and celebrate together. The shared experience of sailing through the open waters fosters a sense of camaraderie that transcends the celebration itself.

It’s more than just a party; it’s a unique moment in time where friendships are celebrated, and the bride’s journey is marked with love and support.

Nautical Yacht Charters Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions before you embark on your adventure?

A Bareboat Agreement is a legal document between the owner or broker and the charterer that outlines the key information of your private yacht charter. It will detail the vessel information, date, time, pickup location, terms and conditions, insurance and cancellation.

A Captain and Crew Agreement is a legal document between the charterer, captain and crew member that the charterer chooses. It will outline the terms and conditions of the captain and crew for hire for your bareboat charter. 

Although not mandatory, it is customary to leave a gratuity for the work of the crew and the captain at the end of a charter. Standard gratuity is 15-20% of the charter fee. The captain will make sure gratuity is split with the crew.

In almost all cases, you are allowed to bring your own food and beverages for your yacht charter. We ask that red wine, colored frosting or any kind of food that can stain stay on land. 

Chartering a yacht can make for an excellent family vacation, with activities to entertain both children and adults. In general the crew is not responsible for their safety. We recommend that you bring childcare if you want to truly relax and have a carefree time while ensuring your children are being looked after. Crew can assist in most ways however. If you have toddlers or infants please let the captain or person handling your booking know so proper life jackets can be provided.

Typically pets are not allowed aboard for health and safety reasons, and sea travel can be extremely uncomfortable for animals. If you need to be accompanied by your pet for any reason, we ask that you check with us for the yacht’s pet policy.

In general, smoking is not permitted inside or outside most yachts, and is strictly forbidden in any cabins or staterooms. Flames of any kind are prohibited inside, outside or on the swim platform. Burns from ashes happen very quickly on fiberglass, vinyl canvas or teak.