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Let Nautical Yacht Charters Host Your Next Business Meeting or Retreat

corporate yacht charter

Need a unique location for your next business meeting or board member retreat? Skip the Zoom call and impress your employees and clients to new levels with a corporate yacht charter event.

Nautical Yacht Charters would be happy to help you plan the perfect corporate event out on the water. From a small company meeting to a client or holiday celebration, our highly qualified captain and crew will ensure everyone has an unforgettable time on board.

Why Choose a Yacht Charter?

With so many now working remote or as part of hybrid work models, sometimes it’s necessary to get team members together in-person. A yacht charter on the water can be an excellent way to re-engage and connect with your team. In fact, events on corporate yacht charters are an effective solution to the typical meeting setup, which often leads to meeting fatigue or zoom fatigue. 92% of employees actually admit not being entirely focused during Zoom conference calls. 

One of the strategies & Meetings suggests keeping employees engaged during meetings is to encourage employees to come out of their shell. What better way to get encourage employees to come out of their shell than with a luxury meeting out on the water? When employees feel relaxed and unhindered, meeting productivity and team comradery skyrockets.

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect location for a corporate yacht charter. Hosts can choose from several routes throughout the beautiful South Florida Intercoastal, Boca Lake, Lake Sylvia, Sunrise Lake or Haulover Park or plenty more. Each route offers spectacular views, places to dock, and the perfect setting for any corporate event.

The Premier Corporate Yacht Charter

Nautical Yacht Charters has hosted many successful corporate meetings and other company outings. From employee rewards for a job well-done or achieving certain sales incentives to corporate successes, we’ve hosted it all.

Our luxuriously updated 60ft vessel accommodates up to 13 people. Guests and employees are welcome to bring food and beverages on board, or request to stop at one of the many docked restaurants along the way. Your Nautical Yacht Charter experience will include:  

  • Two full bathrooms
  • A full kitchen
  • A Bluetooth enabled Fusion sound system
  • An air conditioned cockpit
  • 60lbs or more of ice
  • Bottled water
  • Floats, water hammocks and noodles

The professionals with Nautical Yacht Charters strive for excellence so that you can sit back and relax. When booking a yacht charter with us, you and your guests are guaranteed a carefree day on the water where you can truly enjoy the experience. 

Whether it’s for a meeting of yours or an idea you’d like to propose to your team, a charter yacht is a truly unique way to host a meeting event or retreat and to connect and collaborate in luxury. 

Contact the team at Nautical Yacht Charters today. You’ll be glad you did.